Remember Berry from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends?

She started out all sweet and then turned into an insane jealous scary fan girl of Bloos, even though she just met him  

I feel like we all have a little Berry in us 

1 year ago on March 1st, 2013 | J | 538 notes
Fall In Love With Yourself
Hey! I'm Alex, thanks for dropping by my page!
Ya know, your eyes are gorgeous, they go so well with my blog.
If anyone hasn't told you, you're looking beautiful today. (Or handsome, or a combination of both.)
So anyway, what ever you stopped by to do on my blog, like have a laugh, talk to me, yell at me, show me something,stalk me, listen to my music, what ever it is get to doing it! And have a marvelous, spectacular, super coolio day. (I sound like such a dork, mission accomplished)