I would like to make a post about Hayley’s makeup recently (and any time really)

Alright, here it goes. 

Now, I’ve heard a lot of comments about how people don’t like Hayley’s makeup choices and blah blah blah.


And i’d like to point out something to everyone. 

The makeup Hayley wears on stage is what us actors like to call 



Yes, stage makeup can be out there. It’s supposed to be fun, grab your attention, and can be a little funky. 

And some of the time I think Hayley’s makeup is a little eccentric is so it distracts you from the fact that the chick is so goddamn pale. 


Hayley’s just having some fun with her stage makeup. 

Have you ever seen her go out in public with black makeup across her eyes? 



Yeah well that’s because when she’s out in public she’s not wearing stage makeup. 

There’s a difference. 


So basically, let’s just leave Hayley be and let her make her own decisions without judging her for them because they are her decisions , and her’s alone. And we have no control over it. 

Stop worrying about loving someone else’s makeup 


And now I am done. 


Have a good day :) 

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